About Us

In the spring of 2007 we were the first company to introduce online hazard perception courses. Since then there have been thousands of clips posted on the Internet in attempts to offer 'training' or 'practice' to unsuspecting drivers and riders. However, creating a genuine online course, meeting national standards, requires much more than uploading a few clips of traffic scenes to click on.

Every real life traffic situation is different. Remembering where to click because we've seen the same clip 1,000 times does not make us good or safe when we go on the roads. This would be the same as driving around the same route time after time - we will only learn how to go around that route.

Our products develop very real and lifelong skills that you can take anywhere. Achieving success with our courses proves that you have more than just a good memory.

The Hazard Perception Challenge courses are suitable for all riders and drivers in the UK. All the content meets national driving test standards. The driving force behind the company is Paul Dickinson. Paul is a fully qualified instructor and examiner and has approximately 30,000 hours of teaching experience in cars and on motorbikes.

As in 2007 we keep ahead of the times. Technology now enables us to bring you clips that have been produced to television broadcast quality standards. Our specialist software developed by us provides all the scoring and results tracking for you. The online practice experience for our customers is absolutely second to none.

We are so confident of our hazard perception product that we are prepared for anyone to challenge us and claim that it isn't the best available, whether online or in DVD format. There are lots of features such as the ability to practise assessing hazards in night driving situations, motorway driving, and town driving etc., along with the opportunity to practise your theory in sections.

Not only do we have the highest quality film; the products have been assessed to ensure that the courses offered meet the industry standards for all the driving and motorcycling tests. We are still the only provider that enables our customers to genuinely assess their skills against the expectations and requirements of the national hazard perception test.

Our product has received high and wide acclaim from within the driver and rider training industry. Incredible attention has been given to ensure the site provides a genuine learning experience for all its customers, top quality services in the technical detail of the hazards and instructional clips.

"Streets Ahead in Thinking"